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The Thirsty Handyman Cassandra Zara

The Thirsty Handyman

Cassandra Zara

Kindle Edition
23 pages
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 About the Book 

For single mother Marie, life isnt easy. When her washing machine breaks down, its just one more stress. However, this misfortune turns into a stress reliever, as the hot repair guy sees Marie lactate and knows that he has to have a taste...This 3100 word story includes lactation, large breasts, and fantastic sex on a (now fixed) washing machine!Ethan began to wail in his room. Two wet spots blossomed on Marie’s shirt as her body reacted to her baby’s cry. She didn’t notice right away, but as Ted stared at her shirt, she quickly tried to cover herself. With a red face, she darted into the baby’s room and picked up the crying child, quickly soothing him and using him as a shield to cover her spotted shirt. Marie noticed that Ted was shielding himself as well, trying to hide an erection in his jeans and not doing a very good job. She wondered why her milk reflex would turn him on. He excused himself, and made a quick exit to the door. Marie stared after him, and then quickly called her friend to have her watch Ethan while the washer was installed.***“All right then, washer is installed and ready to go. Throw in a load and we’ll make sure it works.” He raised his eyebrows at her, turning the phrase to somehow sound sexual. She tittered a laugh and grabbed her basket of clothes. She could feel his eyes on her ass as she bent over and lifted the laundry into the machine, a surge of excitement pumping through her at the thought. She hit the start button and the swoosh of water filled the machine as it started up. She turned around to find him right behind her.“Looks like it works…” she whispered as she looked up at him. He leaned over her, slowly putting a hand on her neck and pulling her in for a kiss. His lips were soft on hers, and she leaned hungrily into him, her hands grabbing his torso and pulling him closer. He kissed her passionately, his tongue powering into her mouth and filling her with the taste of him. She moaned quietly into his mouth as he pushed her back against the washer. He pulled back and looked deeply into her eyes, his hand pulling the strap of her dress down her shoulder. She closed her eyes as he kissed down her neck to shoulder, rising to his lips to her ear to whisper, “I want you...”