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Screwing The New Guy Next Door TG Longwood

Screwing The New Guy Next Door

TG Longwood

Kindle Edition
24 pages
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 About the Book 

A lustful short story of first time sex and infatuation.Linda had it all, she thought. She was in love with life. Her veterinarian practice continued strong, and she had ample free time to enjoy her hobbies...working with plants, enjoying family, and especially...sex.Lindas hot pussy had grown ever more lustful with each passing year, even during the years she was married to Bill. Eventually, their marital romance waned, especially after Linda caught Bill cheating with some slut he worked with.When Linda spotted her new neighbor Tom moving in...just next door, her sexual enthusiasm skyrocketed. She went into action, pulling out all the stops, quickly getting noticed by her next stud. Wow, what a body that guy had, possibly in better shape than Linda herself. Linda soon discovered that Tom had a lot more than just a pretty face to offer...