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Sissy Boyfriend 1: Blackmail Jenni Ambrose

Sissy Boyfriend 1: Blackmail

Jenni Ambrose

Published June 1st 2012
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Excerpt:Beth confidently strode over to Michael, still half in shock, handcuffed to the wall, trying to make sense of the whole situation. Suddenly he had the massive strap-on shoved right in front of his face, “Now, Michelle, its time for you to suck your first cock. Dont be shy, I know you want to. Just make sure you open your throat for me when I start face fucking you, or its going to get uncomfortable,” jutting her hips forward as she finished, the tip of her dildo rested firmly against Michaels slightly parted lips.Opening his mouth further, he accepted the phallic invader, which Beth advanced faster than he had anticipated. It was already at the back of his throat, and he was struggling not to gag. Even with his entire mouth full of her cock, there was still half the dildo sitting in front of his face. If he was to truly satisfy her desires, he really would have to deepthroat this beast.