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To Capture a Spy Silvia Violet

To Capture a Spy

Silvia Violet

Published July 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781605040615
320 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When danger lurks, is courage alone enough to save a country--and a heart?Its not enough Meg Wentworth has suffered kidnapping, imprisonment and torture. She kept her wits about her and escaped with her life, only to be captured by a handsome British officer--and promptly accused of spying for the French. Convincing him otherwise turns out to be easier than dealing with her next discovery: that Lucien just might be the man to help her put her life back together. If only he will let go of his rigid control long enough to let her show him they belong together.Recovering from a near-fatal injury, British intelligence officer Lucien Archer hoped to leave the shadowy, violent world that left him scarred, body and soul. But a mysterious letter calls him back to duty, and nothing prepares him for Meg. The beautiful spys fiery spirit threatens to break through the shell Lucien has built around his heart.But Megs kidnapper wasnt looking for simple ransom. Hes an old enemy of Luciens, Le Lezard, whos resurfaced with a single goal. To raise magical forces dark and powerful enough to destroy England. To do it, blood must flow. The blood of Lucien and Meg.And the fire of passion that burns between them is the perfect lure to get them both where he wants them. On an altar of sacrifice.