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Nod Road William H. Smith

Nod Road

William H. Smith

Published February 14th 2012
311 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

By Natalie FlemingFormat:Paperback|Amazon Verified PurchaseI found this to be a great story. Well written with believable characters, all set in a section of Connecticut that Ive lived in. The accidental death of a local woman and her daughters open the way to the discovery of a 60 year old murder. The central characters find themselves swept up in a drama that they never see coming, and once they are involved theres no turning back.As the characters become engaged, the story led me through a trail surrounded on both sides with murder, rape, difficult relationships, and finally to resolution. There were no emotions left untouched as the author walked me into events, both past and present, that eventually unravel the tangled threads of the central mystery.While the novel winds its way to a action packed ending, it exposes the reader to skills in sailing, scuba diving, local history, police work, and many of the Connecticut Shorelines attractions. Smith impressed me with way Nod Road packaged so much of what I was familiar with while I was living there. Except for some minor indenting issues, this a great read and you wont be disappointed. Natalie