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White Fixed Light Theodore Kollias

White Fixed Light

Theodore Kollias

Published November 3rd 2010
ISBN : 9781450524414
294 pages
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 About the Book 

Nicolas, a middle-aged former doctor, knew that he had lost his last chance for happiness forever, when he lost his wife in tragic circumstances. He withdraws from life and moves to live alone in the familys summerhouse, on a remote cliff top overlooking the sea. Eventually his life becomes entwined with the colossal rock. Caught between his present existence and a future that has turned its back on him, he is visited by voices of long dead friends and family. Together they inspire him to create an exquisite candle in whose flame is revealed the invisible world of the dead. While he is lighting the candle, some distance away, Martha, the wild and unruly daughter of the local lighthouse keeper, is also lighting a lamp and with its light she will attempt to save a journalist from wrecking his own life. Who of the main characters should find absolution and who should perish will be decided by the light. But first, they will be brought closer and confronted with their past life and the lives of others. They will be brought face to face with love and all its myriad expressions.