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Anticipation Bonnie Quine


Bonnie Quine

Published April 26th 2014
Kindle Edition
277 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Her name is Sorcha which means brightness. An artist living in Edinburgh, Sorcha is fast running out of money and if she cant get another commission soon, shell lose everything shes worked to achieve.It is summer in Edinburgh, the time of festivals and parties, when the world comes to Scotlands capital. Sorcha goes to The Edinburgh International Book Festival to meet her agent, Rosalind, who presents her with a most unusual assignment.An anonymous patron who has previously purchased one of Sorchas paintings wants her to produce a series of art works unlike anything she has produced before with the promise that all her worries about finance will be at an end. The problem? She is the great work of art the mysterious client desires most and so begins Sorchas erotic awakening.