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Adventures of Pugglesworth Larry Potter

Adventures of Pugglesworth

Larry Potter

Published August 13th 2013
ISBN : 9781627725859
42 pages
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 About the Book 

I am Pugglesworth this is Adventures you an I can travel to places unknown. I know you will like my pals and our caregivers we all have something in co-man you know where we can go and have a blast, and our parents dig what we are doing. We give trust and receive the same. Our travel matches our attitude at the time we travel to unknown places. I can tell you our care takers are a couple of bang up cats that want us to have the best when we travel on an Adventure. We are protected by the best, and we can do no wrong when we have the beat of the rest. I want you to know we are admired from affair off even in China if you want to check our credentials. I can earnestly say we have friends in all the right places we are covered from ear to tail and I ask you how many can say this with confidence. So what will your answer be I know we can be pals closer then two ticks on a horses back and I tell you that is close so without further ah due lets rock this Adventure, and another until we have been to the four corners of this globe come on what are you waiting for lets ride.